Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is the value of learning?
2) What is your role as a learner?
3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)
6) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?

P.S.-Be specific. Please don't just say vague things like, "have fun"-what does that look like/feel like? Use active verbs.


  1. -Being able to take what you have learned and use it to do something you love, and prepare for the future.
    -Learn as much as possible to prepare for my future.
    -Try my best to find something that interests me in every assignment, be respectful, and be open minded.
    -Try new things, patience, and entertaining.
    -To excel and learn from each other.
    -The willingness to try new things, put effort into everything, and trying our best.

  2. 1. Learning is extremely valuable. Learning is what helps you succeed in life, and is the basis for each persons future. Learning is priceless.
    2. My role as a learner is to always have an open mind and give my best effort. To learn is to understand the world around you and an open mind is necessary for this.
    3. A good student is respectful and has an open mind. Good students always give their best effort. These are all things I expect of myself.
    4. Good teachers have their students best interest in mind and strive to teach meaningful things for the future. Good teachers change and evolve as their students do.
    5. The biggest thing to make a class good for me is a relaxed an open environment; somewhere that I can feel comfortable asking for help when I need it.
    6. These are the same things to me as the other question. I feel like I can be productive in an open, comfortable environment.

  3. 1) The value of learning to me is that we can take what we learn in the classroom and apply it to our everyday lives. Learning can broaden our horizons and increase our ability to think for ourselves and have an open mind.
    2) My role as a learner is to be effiecient in my learning and be responsible for what I get out of class. I need to be able to stay organized and stay passionate about what I am learning.
    3) A "good" student is one who takes their learning into their own hands. Someone who is willing to go above and beyond to increase their knowledge on certain subjects. A "good" student stays focused and organized and holds themselves accountable.
    4) I expect a good, quality teacher to be willing to help in any way they can. They should set their students up for success, not failure. They should show their students that they love what they do and they should be able to adapt to the type of learning styles needed by the students they have in class.
    5) I expect to be able to have fun and find creative ways to apply what we are learning. I expect that this class will improve my writing skills and reading comprehension.
    6) I think that this class needs to have respecful and hardworking students who are ready to take their learning to the next level in order to have a productive, fun learning environment. A productive learning environment is one where we get our work done and learn the most we can in the time we have together.

  4. 1. The value of learning is to learn all you can in school so that once you get out of college, you are prepared for your job.
    2. My role as a learner is to learn everything possible so i am prepared for life.
    3. I think a good student is somebody who values learning and tries their hardest to prepare for the rest of their lifes.
    4. As a teacher, I expect you to try your best to teach us, and to be there if any of us need help.
    5. I expect this class will have fun, and will help each other when it is needed.
    6. This class needs to have people who care about learning, not just people who take this class to goof off.

  5. 1) the value of learning is indescribable! if you cannot learn you cannot progress. Therefore, you cannot succeed. learning has a higher level of value than all the money in the world.
    2) you role as a learner is to listen and comprehend. Without full understanding of what you are learning, you are not truly learning.
    3) eager learners are successful learners. a good learner is defined as an individual that can take what is being taught and apply it to everyday life.
    4) as a teacher i expect patience, consistency, time management, and being thorough..
    5) One of my expectations for this class is for the teacher to be organized which in turn, helps myself to stay organized.
    6) In order to be fun as well as productive there should be some activities that we do with the class as whole that will bring us together as we bond. But we have to keep in mind that grades come before anything. As long as the group activities are organized.

  6. 1. The ability to learn is one of the most valuable things someone could have. It is what makes us grow, succeed, and live on this Earth.

    2. As a learner, my role is to gather and intake as much information as possible from not only the teacher, but from the materials and other students as well.

    3. A good student is an attentive student, one who will participate as well as be respectful of others and their ideas.

    4. As a teacher, I would expect you to try your hardest and be your best, to be organized and set an example for your students, to not only teach facts and principles but to teach life lessons as well.

    5. An expectation I have for this class would for it to be positive and uplifting.

    6. A productive, fun environment has organization along with excitement. In order for this to occur, students need to put aside their differences and start to create new bonds and friendships within the class. Many times the teacher's outlook and attitude on the lesson reflects the mood and excitement of the class'.

  7. 1- We should value what we learn because it gives us life skills that we will need later on in life.
    2- My role as a learner is to learn what I can now because later on in life learning the skills we are learning now will be harder.
    3- In order for me to be a good student I will do my best on every assignment, pay attention in class, and turn my work in on time.
    4- I expect that there will not be any busy work and that you will do your best to make our learning as interesting as you can.
    5- In order for this to be a great class I want to be able to have fun on every assignment that is given.
    6- For this year to be productive for me I would like to have a good work environment were we should not be afraid to ask questions. We should be able to have fun, get a project done and turned in on time as well as receive a good grade on it.

  8. 1. The value of learning is to progress ourselves forward intellectually and socially.
    2. My role as a learner is to my best to reach the goals set by me and my teachers.
    3. A good student does his work to the best of their abilities and keeps up in class.
    4. A good teacher makes class fun and interesting and doesn’t give busy work.
    5. Better writing skills will make this class great.
    6. Exciting lectures like discussing the most difficult parts of a unit.

  9. 1) The value of learning is to learn different skills and abilities to allow us to be successful in our future.
    2) My role as a learner is to absorb what is being taught and apply it in life.
    3) A good student tries as hard as they can in a learning environment to learn what is being taught. In my case, I need to listen to a lecture and turn my assignments in on time. When I do this, I am a good student.
    4) To me, a good teacher is someone who teaches life. Someone who teaches us skills we need to know for different real world scenarios.
    5) I expect this class to be a group learning environment than an individual one. I feel like we would all progress more as learners by doing class discussions opposed to busy work.
    6) For this class to be a fun productive class each student and teacher has to follow their own individual responsibility. We as students, have to give 100% effort to learn what is being taught and be responsible enough to turn assignments in on time. The teacher is responsible for trying to teach a lesson to the best of his/her ability and to help students who need it.

  10. 1) The value of learning is undefined. The amount of knowledge that the human brain is able to hold is unheard of. 2) My role as a learner is to take in as much that is given to me. 3) A "good student" would turn everything in, try there hardest, and always give a 100%. 4) I expect the teacher to always be open to help their students and give honest feed back.
    5) This class should be fun and help us learn at the same time and let us take something from this class to the next year and college.
    6) This class would be really fun if we could work in groups and listen to music. Another would be if we could watch the movie version of the book to help us get a visual perspective.

  11. 1.The value of learning is what you get out of all life experiences that help you prepare for your future.
    2.My role as a learner is to take what I need from class to get myself what I need out of life and school. Also as I learner its my job to have an open mind in class.
    3.A good student is someone who gives there all in class, always has an open mind about everything we do in class, someone who respects the teacher and classmates, and does everything the way its supposed to be done.
    4.I expect a teacher to relate to students on some level, and to have respect and understanding for the students.
    5.I expect this class to be as hands-on and active as an English class can be.
    6.This class needs an environment where no one is afraid to speak there mind, also in order for the class to be productive I think its up to all the students and how the act in class i.e. side conversations and how much effort everyone puts into class.

  12. 1) The value of learning to me is very important. I consider learning to be the most important thing that you can do because a person who takes advantage of their education and their school experience become well rounded and successful in life.

    2) As a learner my personal goal is to is to make sure I get something out of my lessons weather its just typing faster or how to write prompts properly.

    3) A good student is a person who is respectful to both the teacher and the students. They’re the type of person who gives their best but doesn't beat up on themselves when they don't do perfectly.

    4) My expectations for the teacher is that she challenges us while making it enjoyable so I can take something away form the class itself.

    5) One expectation I have for this class is that we will be preparing for the ACT it may not be the most enjoyable thing to do but I want to be as prepared as possible for it.

    6) This question is kind of like the other questions, for me personally I would be most productive in a comfortable, open, and respective environment.

  13. 1.I value learning as a way to expand my knowledge of everything around me. If it wasn't for learning, I would have no idea what half the things around me are and how they work.

    2. My role as a learner is to be able to pay attention and understand the taught material rather than take it in and forget it a few weeks later.

    3. I think a good student is someone who pays attention in class and not only understands the material, but is able to teach it to someone else who doesn't understand.

    4. I think a quality teacher is someone who can teach the material thoroughly and understandable but also in a fun and entertaining way.

    5. I would like this class to have on open environment where it would be ok to start having a discussion.

    6. For this class to be productive, I think that we should have a lot of discussions over little parts of things so everything is covered.

  14. 1) The value of learning is not so much to know random trivia facts but to think deeper and make yourself smarter as a person (thats at least my definition)
    2) The only goal I can think of is that we do all we can to learn the material and give it our all.
    3) To be a good student you don't need to be smart or super deep you just need to participate and give your opinion.
    4) All that I expect of you, is that you be a reasonable teacher that loves her job.
    5) I loved our freshman year class, everyone had a say and most importantly nobody judged anyone or shot down anyones ideas.
    6) I already addressed that above but, I really liked the performing aspect of it all.

  15. 1)Hmm, it's to reach your full potential in knowledge, and apply it to real world situations. Having knowledge means you can accomplish more in life than others and gain more respect.

    2) My role as a learner is to learn as much as I can, and the only way to do that, is waste a third of my life in a classroom.

    3) Four Words, "Sit down and shutup." No but really, myself as a student I ask questions and go in for help, I try my best and do my homework. For other students and classmates, i ask for nothing but respect. I absulutly hate it when another student says something like "What kind of a question is that?? It's stupid".

    4)I like to see a teacher treating his/her students with respect, and helping his/her students when they need help.

    5) I expect the class to help each other out, and to be social. I hate to see kids who sit in groups and don't say a word.

    6)This class needs to have a productive learning enviornment. I would like to see projects and preformances, not lectures.

  16. 1)The value of learning is the ability to take what you have learned and experienced and place it into your daily life.
    2)My role as a learner is to learn for the information and not for the letter grade.
    3)I expect myself to give 100%, focus at the task at hand, and learn as much as I can in the given time.
    4)I expect a good teacher to make the material understandable, entertaining, and the ability to relate to the students.
    5)I expect there to be several hands-on activities, group projects, and an open environment.
    6)This class needs to have activities that relate to the topic at hand, an open environment, and entertaining discussions.

  17. 1. The value of learning is not just to get a good grade. We learn so that we can succeed. This doesn’t just apply to academic success, but to a whole range of successes. I learn to do things, because I’m not perfect. If I was perfect there would be no need for learning. Learning is used so that the same mistake isn’t made twice.
    2. My role as a learner is to work hard, have goals, fail, pick myself back up after failure, and try again. Being a good learner takes persistence and effort. Learning takes understanding. If I didn’t understand what people were trying to teach me I would never learn.
    3. There are many qualities that make a good student. Being a good student takes patience, hard work, and organization, but the most important quality of a good student is a good attitude. If a student has a bad attitude there isn’t much chance of progression. If a student is apathetic towards what they are being taught then there is little likelihood of them succeeding. No matter how good the teacher is, if the student doesn’t want to learn, then they won’t learn.
    4. A good teacher needs to like her job. If she doesn’t like her job, the students aren’t going to want to listen to what she has to say. If a teacher goes to work for the sole purpose of getting paid she needs to find another job. A good teacher needs to respect her students. If she respects them they will most likely respect her as well. A good teacher listens as well as teaches.
    5. I expect this class to be hard, but I also expect it to be fun. I didn’t have to take this class, so I expect to comprehensively enjoy it. I expect that by the end of this year I will be better at both understanding text and applying my thoughts onto paper.
    6. In order for this class to be productive and create a fun learning environment there needs to be a push for students to care about their work and be proud of it. If work is just done for the purpose of a grade it makes class very dull.

  18. 1. The value of learning is to learn everything that you can to prepare you for later in life.
    2. My goal as a good learner is to learn everything i can and help others learn.
    3. I expect everyone to help eachother learn.
    4. I expect a good teacher to make sure that the student has the opportunity to learn all of the material that they need to succeed in that subject.
    5. I expect this to be a fun class and to learn a lot.
    6. This class needs to have students that help eachother learn.

  19. 1) The value of learning should not be taken as a joke. Someone who takes there learning seriously might be able to go farther in life because of the fact that they know more.

    2) My role as a learner is to take what ever I learn and try to incorporate it in my everyday life. I should also be willing to learn new things and be excited about it.

    3) To be a good learner, a student needs to be willing to learn. They need to have an open mind, or at least be able to hear and see things and have an opinion about it.

    4) I think a good teacher should have different teaching strategies. That way is a student comes in because they don't understand something the teacher can try different ways to help the student. I also think that a teacher should be happy to help anyone. Even if a student is not in there class, they can come and ask for help.

    5) I think having no one sleeping is class is a good expectation. Because its first hour there will be times when people want to sleep. If that doesn't work, I think our class should not be intimidating. Everyone should be comfortable talking to everyone.

    6) I think fun should come a little from the teacher. Our teacher should be able to make jokes about random things, but also about what we are doing. Along the lines of fun, our class should be active. Not just a class that reads a book and writes a paper about it. We should be able to do group discussions, or read aloud. That way we can still have fun but the class is still learning.

  20. 1.Learning is extremely important in all life. Learning helps to find out what you truly love and will overall move you far in life. It is what will get you through life and be able to succeed.

    2.My role as a learner is to be willing to try new things and have an open mind. It is also to give my all into learning and be responsible.

    3.A “good” student is willing to try new things, and has the desire to want to do more. Also, to be organized and responsible with different things, especially if it is something they are not accustomed to.

    4.I expect a good teacher to help students succeed. The students should feel comfortable trying their best, and the teacher should help the students to accomplish their goals. The teacher should support, push, and help students.

    5.A class needs to be able to pay attention, and get work done, while having a fun learning environment.

  21. 1) People should think of the value of learning as an important part of your life. What you get out of your learning will help you in everyday life. Therefore it should be taken very serious.

    2) My role as a learner is to take what I learn and embrace it. I need to really take it in not just because it will help me for the rest of my life, but because it helps me prepare for it.

    3) To be a good learner you have to meet a certain standard, this standard is being prepare for class and willing to learn. This mean the student has to have the want to learn and will do what it takes to learn.

    4) What I expect of a good teacher is them to be able to teach people with different teaching strategies. I think this because people like me who are visual learners can’t just sit and listen to a lecture. Also they should be able to mix things up not do the same thing everyday.

    5) One exception I would make to the class is alot of group work.

    6) One thing that would help is if everyone got along and the class just had a fun environment.

  22. 1)The value of learning is learn in school so you can do well in life.
    2)My role as a learner is to learn things that I will use in everyday life
    3)A good student follows the rules and pays attention in class
    4)I expect the teacher to know the things they are teaching to the students, and help everybody in class do a good job
    5)This class will be great because it’s going to be a fun learning environment
    6)I think the class needs a good, fun teacher, which it does, and fun classmates that will help each other to learn.

  23. 1. Learning is invaluable. It is essential and required for us as a people to stay alive.
    2. My role is to try as hard as I can to learn what you’re teaching me.
    3. I expect me and my classmates to work together to help each other learn.
    4. I expect you to teach us what we need to know, but to also make sure we understand it before we move on.
    5. We need to have awesome participation and a nonjudgmental atmosphere.
    6. Everyone needs to be willing to learn and not to be afraid to ask help from you or fellow classmates.

  24. 1. Well learning is pretty self explanatory, without learning we are unknowledgeable.
    2. My role as a learner is to help myself. In other words make myself understand and succeed, if I don't I am only hurting myself.
    3. A good student is someone who is punctual, interested, and hard working, not necessarily someone who is perfect in all of their class work, it is more than that.
    4. As a teacher it is helpful to me if you create a good plan or outline of what we are going to be learning, just an over view. Nothing big just a simple talk about whats up
    5. I would love to see everyone in the class have a voice and be able to hear their opinions. It is interesting what others say.
    6. I think the class needs to have a lot of interaction as a whole. Basically, everyone speaking and sharing their individual ideas.

  25. 1. Learning is important for all people. What a person takes away from learning will be with them all of their life. Knowledge is something that no one can take way from you.
    2.My role as a learner is to be deligent and willing to do the assignments. To use the information to form wise decisions.
    3. As good student I need to be attentive, prepared and respectful.
    4.My expectations of the teacher is to have knowledge of the subject matter and be fair.
    5.I would like the class to show respect for each other.
    6. I think for the class to be productive we need to work togeteher and not waste time.

  26. 1. The value of learning, is to learn things that yu can take away from school and use them in the real life.

    2. My role as a learner is to do my best in school, and show effort. Also, to get help when it is needed in order to strive.

    3. I think that a good student is someone who does all there homework and gets it in on time. Also i believe a good student is somone who want to learn and enjoys learning.

    4. I would say that a good quality teacher is someone who makes the classroom enviroment fun, they give students all the help needed.

    5. I think that learning things that are able to be used in life and are interesting will make this class a "fun" class.

    6. This class should have some hands on activities, i think that makes it fun and eaiser to learn because it has you up and moving around.

  27. 1)My value of learning is to achieve higher thinking and knowledge and get to where I want to be later in life.
    2)My role as a learner is to stay focused, work hard, and take something out of my classes.
    3)A “good” student consists of an organized person who comes to class ready to learn. I hope I take all of this and put it into my learning to become a better student.
    4)For a good teacher, I expect them to be laid back but serious about what their doing. I also expect a good teacher to be reasonable with situations and understand what students are going through.
    5)What will make this a great class is a fun teacher and involved students.
    6)To make this class the best is for everyone to imply the ‘golden rule,’ treat people the way they want to be treated and that everyone has a great time learning about American Literature.

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