Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's In A Name?

Please answer all of the following questions; use specifics and make sure to elaborate.

1. Describe your reputation (with your friends, family, teachers, etc.) How important is your reputation to you? How does it affect how people treat you? What impact does it have on your behavior and decisions?

2. Think of some characters in The Crucible who are concerned with maintaining their "good" names. Describe two characters who are particularly concerned with keeping their reputations. What do they want to maintain and why? How does this affect their behavior and decisions? How could this ultimately further the conflicts at hand?

3. What are some of the reasons for the hysteria? List as many as you can think of. (you will need to think about the fears, motives, and actions of the characters to answer this)


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  2. My values in life my education, my family, my friends, sports, and just having fun. I think true happiness is, when our life seems complete or when life is going good for us. Material positions such as clothing, cell phones, iPods, etc… canmake us happy- yes, but, we can live without them and still be happy. However, I do think people, success, and money can all go together. You see, some big CEO’s will screw over employees or people just to rake in some money, and it’s not fair to other people or employees. They put money before people and they don’t seem to really be happy. You can also see families who are poor, but they seem content with their lives.
    Success: an attainment at something that is successful